Isn’t life funny?

Well, I’ve had this blog for just over a year now and have done nothing really awesome with it yet. I think It might be time to change that. Who’s with me? You? Awesome, lets fuck shit up then.

First and foremost I can and will use curse words, not only is it my prerogative but, I don’t see what makes them any worse than any other word out there?

Shit – this one makes no sense as to why its bad? Its slang for poop, as well all know… So what makes it a bad word? At least it is a word unlike some of the shit [see its now a noun] that passes for “words” now a days… e.g. U in place of you, r in place of are, and the list goes on. Acronyms I understand, shortening a few words into a common thing such as lmfao or lol. However, I feel that if people are going to use those… they should in fact be doing such a task. I am guilty of this myself, I will use lol, or lmfao, sometimes even a hearty rofl while I am not doing such tasks; I implore you all to follow my footsteps, next time you type out an lol, rofl, lmao, or lmfao do it. That’s right, don’t bold face lie to me… Fucking do it. You laugh out loud, or do a bit of rolling on said floor, if needed I want a picture of your ass off of you when you are done laughing.

Ok, on to my second point. I am doing this again because my best fucking friend in the entire United States, NAY, WORLD gave me a great idea. He went through some pretty shitacular times recently (sue me I make up my own damn words) and one of his coping mechanisms was keeping a journal. Well since a fair bit of my life can be broken down into something funny; I figured why in the hell not share it some of my most favorite anonymous faces. That’s right internet, your blank face is the one I am talking about.

So this blog is going to be a bit of me story telling, venting, observing, stroking my beard while writing, and quite possibly being pants-less.

Well for now that is all I have, tell your friends, and have them tell their friends… Unless of course you are their only friend which makes you telling them and them telling you an endless loop; I will allow that scenario to not be passed on further, but you will need to use your better judgment on that.

Since this is my first real post – I would say until next time readers… but yeah I am pretty sure there is only one person reading this aside from me.

Oh and remember this: Live your life like you want to, fuck everyone else. No matter who you are, be that person. If you don’t like it, change.

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