Moving into a new place in 75% of situations is always a good thing. Upgrading a place of living is generally not a bad deal – Bigger, Better, whatever it may be… Once its all said and done you have a smile on your face because well you accomplished something damn it.

In the next few weeks I will be slowly moving all my random shit into new house. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a nice huge basement, and some other goodies. Sure its a good bit away from my friends 20 mins for some 40 mins for another, and some in between; However it sure as hell beats where I live now. This place is draftier than a dress in a windy storm. Its nice and close to everything but that is where the good stuff ends. I hope who ever gets this place after us will love and cherish it… and maybe force the land lord to fix some of the broken shit? Meh moving on…

I have an awesome list of stuff I want to get done before summer – because in summer I am taking 10 days and driving to Colorado to spend a few days with my family… like a boss.

But on a more serious note – I am looking forward to this. More to come readers. I might even do a nice post about how bad I am at painting walls and document some processes of superhorriblepaintingtechniques.

Night all.

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