The “Now how in the hell did I not order the parts for my car” edition.

Howdy all,

This past weekend my buddy and I were going to play a little game of rip apart my car and do some fixing.  Well I’ll be damned if his oil change didn’t take forever, sure it might have been partly my fault but that’s not the point.

So while he is under his car doing his thing (cleaning up overflow oil – which is partly my fault, but that’s the ONLY thing that was my fault)  I get out my trusty box of parts.  I drive a 20 year old VW, you need a box of parts.  Wheel hubs – check, front suspension mounts – check, rear susupension mounts – check… THE ENTIRE REASON WE ARE DOING THIS CAR REPAIR – uncheck…

What the fuck?  How did I forget to order wheel bearings?  Well I’ll be damned.  Mr. So sure he has all the parts lets do this… Didn’t have all the parts.  Sigh…

So after my buddies oil change from hell, he had to take a shower to wash oil out of his hair… twice haha.  I went to bed.  The next morning after we had some food, we played forza 4 for a good bit, then got some simple green to clean the floor of alll that oil that spilled over.  All in all, everything went better than expected.

Oh p.s. I made my first real adult purchase – I bought a couch and loveseat. 😀 go me.



Snow, snow, and the hopeful degradation of the 2011/2012 winter.

Its been a while since my last post so I shall update everyone on what is going on.

We are fully moved into the house, and its huge. I mean… three townhouses wide huge. Honest opinion, its nice but the construction seems rushed but overall I dig it, since its a house and now a home. The house warming party was a success – 20 people and a ton of good times.

As far as the degradation, it hasn’t been much of a winter. Cold here, snow there, little at a time. No big deal right? Right. Well I knew this day would come. Yesterday, we got a bit of snow; Then said snow stopped. Well this morning we got well over a few inches. We are sitting at around what looks to be close to a foot for today. Its so damn dumb. If, after this dumb shit, it snows more – I am making a propane torch and melting everything I see.

Well I don’t have much to say as nothing really spectacular has happened aside from the move.

peace out home slices.