Snow, snow, and the hopeful degradation of the 2011/2012 winter.

Its been a while since my last post so I shall update everyone on what is going on.

We are fully moved into the house, and its huge. I mean… three townhouses wide huge. Honest opinion, its nice but the construction seems rushed but overall I dig it, since its a house and now a home. The house warming party was a success – 20 people and a ton of good times.

As far as the degradation, it hasn’t been much of a winter. Cold here, snow there, little at a time. No big deal right? Right. Well I knew this day would come. Yesterday, we got a bit of snow; Then said snow stopped. Well this morning we got well over a few inches. We are sitting at around what looks to be close to a foot for today. Its so damn dumb. If, after this dumb shit, it snows more – I am making a propane torch and melting everything I see.

Well I don’t have much to say as nothing really spectacular has happened aside from the move.

peace out home slices.


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