This one is called “I just wrote this in jest, please don’t get mad; But damn is it funny”

So yesterday was International Woman’s Day, so talking with a friend about it… I thought I could spin a speech to both empower women and get sandwiches from it…  This is what I came up with…  Let me know what you think readers!


Woman’s Rights.

Today is the international womans day to celebrate womens right.

Many many years ago women were opressed, and forced into certain roles.

Men worked, women did the house wife thing.  Duties included: cleaning, cooking, taking care of the children.

Women every day would get up and make their husbands breakfast and lunch packed in a brown sack to take to work, children also got a brown sack lunch complete with sandwich, apple, juice, various sweets and treats and it was all in the name of motherhood.

Then world war two started, and the men were forced to war and who would be there to provide for the family?  The Mother.  The Wife.

They were then forced with a decision, to become impovershed or to take over the jobs left by the men.  Many women felt they were strong enough to take on the work force tasks.  And why not? They have been working 24 hours a day 7 days a week before this point.  So they took up the jobs, made weapons, and planes and cars for their loving husbands whiley they fought for our country.

Then the war was over… Many places wanted to kick women out of the shops and bring the men back in to continue their jobs.  The woman fought this and eventually won.  That’s right, woman now can work along side men in every type of job, hell some can even do the job better.

Now lets fast forward to present day.  Its now a woman’s perogative to go to work and make money and split the cost of living with a loved one 50/50.  Women also tend to do many things better than men, laundry, cooking, cleaning, being a parent in some cases.  So my plea is to not take the term “make me a sammich” as an insult, but rather a compliment in that we as men feel you are far superior to us in many aspects down to the simple task of making a sandwich.

So women everywhere, take up loafs of bread, slices of meat and cheese and various condiments, and show us men why you deserve, nay earned! a glorious day that the ENTIRE world celebrates and sees as the day to help concrete your spot as the headstrong sex that you all are!

Now, Go make me a sammich!! 😀

True Story


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