I need to stop blogging while tired… I forget everything.

Well, when I sat down to write this I had a clear goal in mind.  That goal however has escaped me.  I blame it on being tired… why do I always blog tired?  

Anyways… So, I weighed myself as my initial starting point for my weight loss goals for my 29th birthday.  No shame here, I was 306.8.  Every day losing lbs.  I have 406 days to get down to 185.  When I think about this, and know how much I’ve lost even recently to get this point (I started at close to 350, it was so bad most scales would just err out…) I am really pumped.   130 lbs.  I will be losing the weight of an average person… Sure, I’ll still be over weight but you know what, I’ll feel so damn good about myself that if anyone says anything rude about me being fat I will uppercut them there on the spot.  Yeah, that’s what I won’t do…

Moving on, Moved into my new place this past weekend.  So one week here already, I love it.  I need to get a few things here asap but for now its fantastic.  Though unpacking is THE WORST.  So much random crap.  So many old clothes I used to fit into, I will use them again soon I supposed… On top of I will be saving up a bit of money and when I reach my weight goal I will be buying a whole new wardrobe.

Well, I am now at a loss of things to write about.  Friends, you have a great evening.  Stay sexy.


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