Striking while the Iron is hot, or heating the iron to forge a fragile weapon?

The title really has nothing to do with this blog update.  I know its been a while since I’ve posted anything of worth; To be fair my last two posts are not really awesome.  I will be starting a new blog soon, on my journey through weight loss, paleo, and well… Garbage plate reviews (limited to 2 a month, while not the best food to eat, I love them and I will eat them on cheat days from paleo 😀 )  Once I make the blog I will post it up here for those that are interested in recipes, sites I get them from, and to cheer me on…

So what I want to chat about is a bit of rare subject for me.  Not something I generally touch in a day to day, Social Norms.

Social Norms including society pressure, general norms, evolving acceptances and social groups.  After observing a closed group of people as well as a large group of people and just… well people in general I have noticed some very interesting things.  Age ranges come into play, the younger crowd tends to feel the need to be accepted by the older “cool” (perceived) kids.  As we all know this has been something that’s happened for decades… You did it, I did it, we all did it.  HOWEVER what gets me the most is that seeing it happen through the eyes of someone who has gone through it and subsequently come to learn to not give a shit about being socially accepted, is these people don’t see the err of their ways.  This is a life lesson everyone needs to learn, yes there are exceptions to the rules as goes with anything, but man… I feel bad for some of these kids.

Another thing I have noticed and actually makes me a bit happier, but is also bittersweet is the fact that “nerd” culture is becoming more accepted… Now with that we get the kids who wear some plastic fake thick rimmed glasses calling themselves “LOLsonerdy”.  To which I have to say “bitch please, you’re nothing close to a nerd you waste of space” generally said with more foul language and anger.  I digress, Nerd culture, video games, comic books and related paraphernalia becoming a mainstream thing has opened up a world of new business, entrepreneurs, networks, social media (which lets be fair, isn’t as bad as its made out to be), technology, and well… The ability to meet new friends in this country, or the neighboring ones, or even across the pond.  Some of my best friends I met via internet based programs.  Alright, I’ll dial in my tangent, finish it off with this: This is a trend I would like to keep seeing with all varieties of culture that promote comradery, family and expansion.

There is a thin yet blurred line between Good and Bad social groups.  I am not going to sit here and preach on what I feel is the good and bad, but well all know what gives good and bad rep.  One thing I would like to touch on is PERCEPTION IS NOT REALITY.  Just because someone looks a certain way/drives a certain type of car/studies a certain type of subject, doesn’t actually mean they are a certain subset of people or attitude.  As much as I don’t like to judge sometimes it happens, again I do it, you do it, etc.  I think we need some social reform, maybe even and actual social studies in school.  Maybe I’m wrong, but school doesn’t actually give any sort of indication to how the real world actually works and that could… Nay SHOULD be done.  Who’s with me on this?

Maybe what I wrote was all over the place, but its how I feel about the subject.  If you agree or disagree drop a comment and we’ll talk.

G’day friends, have a fantastic evening.


I need to stop blogging while tired… I forget everything.

Well, when I sat down to write this I had a clear goal in mind.  That goal however has escaped me.  I blame it on being tired… why do I always blog tired?  

Anyways… So, I weighed myself as my initial starting point for my weight loss goals for my 29th birthday.  No shame here, I was 306.8.  Every day losing lbs.  I have 406 days to get down to 185.  When I think about this, and know how much I’ve lost even recently to get this point (I started at close to 350, it was so bad most scales would just err out…) I am really pumped.   130 lbs.  I will be losing the weight of an average person… Sure, I’ll still be over weight but you know what, I’ll feel so damn good about myself that if anyone says anything rude about me being fat I will uppercut them there on the spot.  Yeah, that’s what I won’t do…

Moving on, Moved into my new place this past weekend.  So one week here already, I love it.  I need to get a few things here asap but for now its fantastic.  Though unpacking is THE WORST.  So much random crap.  So many old clothes I used to fit into, I will use them again soon I supposed… On top of I will be saving up a bit of money and when I reach my weight goal I will be buying a whole new wardrobe.

Well, I am now at a loss of things to write about.  Friends, you have a great evening.  Stay sexy.


Moving into a new place in 75% of situations is always a good thing. Upgrading a place of living is generally not a bad deal – Bigger, Better, whatever it may be… Once its all said and done you have a smile on your face because well you accomplished something damn it.

In the next few weeks I will be slowly moving all my random shit into new house. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a nice huge basement, and some other goodies. Sure its a good bit away from my friends 20 mins for some 40 mins for another, and some in between; However it sure as hell beats where I live now. This place is draftier than a dress in a windy storm. Its nice and close to everything but that is where the good stuff ends. I hope who ever gets this place after us will love and cherish it… and maybe force the land lord to fix some of the broken shit? Meh moving on…

I have an awesome list of stuff I want to get done before summer – because in summer I am taking 10 days and driving to Colorado to spend a few days with my family… like a boss.

But on a more serious note – I am looking forward to this. More to come readers. I might even do a nice post about how bad I am at painting walls and document some processes of superhorriblepaintingtechniques.

Night all.

Not so much pictures as an “OMG OMG OMG OMG” post.

Some of you who may know me – know I like cars, a lot lol. Well, a great Le Mans driver who has once graced the seats of Audi’s R10 and R15, now plants his hind quarters in Audi’s newest beast – the R18. He also graced the Fortitude forums (Audi enthusiast forums) in the motor sports section today – May 31st 2011 to answer a few questions. Of course as soon as I heard about this I headed to their forum and posed a question any aspiring young driver would like to know.

“I guess I will be the first one to go haha.

Ive always wanted to get behind the wheel of a car and run a few laps and eventually will start running my car in some local autocross. I hope a three part question is ok.

As a new racer, how did you (when you started out, be it pro circuit, or a snot nosed young adult like myself ) adjust to new tracks / conditions / cars you drove? Did you study courses days/weeks/months in advance (if you had that time) and what was your biggest motivator that helped you aspire and build your skills?”

After my post on the 25th of May, I had to wait an agonizing 6 days to see if he even attempts to answer my silly question.

Fast forward to 15 to 20 mins before I post this. I looks, I scroll down through other questions to him… I see his first post…
OMG he quoted my post… Allan McNish picked lowly ole me… to be (yes I verified this next fact) HIS FIRST REPLY ON THE FORUMS!!

At this point in my 10 seconds of internal monologue… I realized oh, hey yeah he answered me.
I had a hard time seeing past my smile after reading his first line – “SuperJario, cool name, sounds fast so you should be fast”

Once I recomposed myself I read the rest of his post… To which any new racer or aspiring racer of any type should learn from:

Adjusting is experience but it is also knowing the limits of your vehicle, find that out in slow corners, not fast to begin with, slow corner mistake =spin, fast corner =shunt. The last area I learn the limit of is braking point, if you brake too late on lap 2 of a test day it is end of test day and you don’t learn much. Read the road, look ahead, look at flags for wind and weather info, use the tools you have around you.

I think about courses and what I want to do and how I am going to do it, run through scenarios in your head, think of areas you can improve, prepare!

Biggest motivator to push on more and harder and farther is the long trip home when you’ve been beaten, it is much nicer travels when you have won.

Go for it.

So in closing, today which started out a bit rocky took (at least for me) a purely amazing turn for the wayyyyy better.

And because, some of you might not know who he is – Here he is next to his new sexy R18 TDi Prototype car.

Allan McNish and the amazing R18

Allan McNish and the amazing R18