Striking while the Iron is hot, or heating the iron to forge a fragile weapon?

The title really has nothing to do with this blog update.  I know its been a while since I’ve posted anything of worth; To be fair my last two posts are not really awesome.  I will be starting a new blog soon, on my journey through weight loss, paleo, and well… Garbage plate reviews (limited to 2 a month, while not the best food to eat, I love them and I will eat them on cheat days from paleo 😀 )  Once I make the blog I will post it up here for those that are interested in recipes, sites I get them from, and to cheer me on…

So what I want to chat about is a bit of rare subject for me.  Not something I generally touch in a day to day, Social Norms.

Social Norms including society pressure, general norms, evolving acceptances and social groups.  After observing a closed group of people as well as a large group of people and just… well people in general I have noticed some very interesting things.  Age ranges come into play, the younger crowd tends to feel the need to be accepted by the older “cool” (perceived) kids.  As we all know this has been something that’s happened for decades… You did it, I did it, we all did it.  HOWEVER what gets me the most is that seeing it happen through the eyes of someone who has gone through it and subsequently come to learn to not give a shit about being socially accepted, is these people don’t see the err of their ways.  This is a life lesson everyone needs to learn, yes there are exceptions to the rules as goes with anything, but man… I feel bad for some of these kids.

Another thing I have noticed and actually makes me a bit happier, but is also bittersweet is the fact that “nerd” culture is becoming more accepted… Now with that we get the kids who wear some plastic fake thick rimmed glasses calling themselves “LOLsonerdy”.  To which I have to say “bitch please, you’re nothing close to a nerd you waste of space” generally said with more foul language and anger.  I digress, Nerd culture, video games, comic books and related paraphernalia becoming a mainstream thing has opened up a world of new business, entrepreneurs, networks, social media (which lets be fair, isn’t as bad as its made out to be), technology, and well… The ability to meet new friends in this country, or the neighboring ones, or even across the pond.  Some of my best friends I met via internet based programs.  Alright, I’ll dial in my tangent, finish it off with this: This is a trend I would like to keep seeing with all varieties of culture that promote comradery, family and expansion.

There is a thin yet blurred line between Good and Bad social groups.  I am not going to sit here and preach on what I feel is the good and bad, but well all know what gives good and bad rep.  One thing I would like to touch on is PERCEPTION IS NOT REALITY.  Just because someone looks a certain way/drives a certain type of car/studies a certain type of subject, doesn’t actually mean they are a certain subset of people or attitude.  As much as I don’t like to judge sometimes it happens, again I do it, you do it, etc.  I think we need some social reform, maybe even and actual social studies in school.  Maybe I’m wrong, but school doesn’t actually give any sort of indication to how the real world actually works and that could… Nay SHOULD be done.  Who’s with me on this?

Maybe what I wrote was all over the place, but its how I feel about the subject.  If you agree or disagree drop a comment and we’ll talk.

G’day friends, have a fantastic evening.

I need to stop blogging while tired… I forget everything.

Well, when I sat down to write this I had a clear goal in mind.  That goal however has escaped me.  I blame it on being tired… why do I always blog tired?  

Anyways… So, I weighed myself as my initial starting point for my weight loss goals for my 29th birthday.  No shame here, I was 306.8.  Every day losing lbs.  I have 406 days to get down to 185.  When I think about this, and know how much I’ve lost even recently to get this point (I started at close to 350, it was so bad most scales would just err out…) I am really pumped.   130 lbs.  I will be losing the weight of an average person… Sure, I’ll still be over weight but you know what, I’ll feel so damn good about myself that if anyone says anything rude about me being fat I will uppercut them there on the spot.  Yeah, that’s what I won’t do…

Moving on, Moved into my new place this past weekend.  So one week here already, I love it.  I need to get a few things here asap but for now its fantastic.  Though unpacking is THE WORST.  So much random crap.  So many old clothes I used to fit into, I will use them again soon I supposed… On top of I will be saving up a bit of money and when I reach my weight goal I will be buying a whole new wardrobe.

Well, I am now at a loss of things to write about.  Friends, you have a great evening.  Stay sexy.

A journey, dreams, and the forever untouchable.

Hello All.  Its 1am when I am writing this.  Why you might ask am I up at 1am?  Well I went to see The Great Gatsby, loved it.  The drive home however got me thinking of where I have been, where I am and where I want to be.

I probably won’t yammer on for an endless chapter of what seems to be a page in my history of nothing… Then again, maybe I will.  Actually it won’t be long, I just wanted to do some reflecting.

Before I do however, I’d like to start you off with a question.  More rhetorical but still a question that begs to be asked.  Have you ever had something you’ve wanted more than anything but its always out of reach?  Now that the question is out there, let it soak in, absorb the words into your mind and take a moment to really think about something you’ve always wanted.

Ok now that you’ve given it some thought… Have you achieved or are you in the process of achieving the goal? Did you do it step by step, or jump in head first as if it was the only thing that mattered?  Or even on the other side of the spectrum… Did you let it disappear from your mind and never think about it again?  Maybe you tried and failed.

I ask mainly because I have a goal, well 3 goals really a 1 year, a 3 year and a 5-10 year.  Which is odd for me because I’ve never set goals really until recently… Feels good man.

Anyways, I don’t think a forever untouchable really needs an explanation, but sometimes just being in proximity of that something or someone just makes your day better.  Sometimes it makes somethings that much harder.  Sigh… Emotions are a funny thing no?

None of this will probably make any sense because I’m stupid tired right now.  If you did however manager to get through the jibberish I just wrote, hats off old chap. “They’re a rotten crowd’, I shouted across the lawn. ‘You’re worth the whole damn bunch put together.”

G’night folks.

From Ashes, A Phoenix.

3 weeks ago or so, I decided I was bored and tired of the same ole.  Since I have moved in closer to the city, and didn’t have to dread a 30 to 45 min drive one way to or from any location, I made some monumental choices… Well monumental for me.

When you can something that has been part of your life for 5+ years you’d think you might feel the need to play it again.  Not for me, I was over it.  It kept me from seeing friends, being social, finding work at points in my life, keeping me from really doing what I wanted.

I did nothing, I sat around, didn’t want to move, didn’t want to do much of anything really.  Work was just a means to keep me playing the game.  I was a sad person.  This went on for a while.  I hated who I was but wasn’t able to change.  Depression kicked in, I was bored but had a bunch of stuff to do but didn’t want to do it, i’d rather play this game and do nothing.

I got sick of this, so what did I do? On the weekend of March 16th I decided, well my subscription is up on the 22nd of march, I don’t feel like renewing it. I’m sick of how I have been, its time to make some changes.  What happened next?  I did.  I canceled my subscription fully, email to prove, I still had a week or so left until its fully closed down.  I logged in a few times talked about coming back in a bit… but lets be honest, I am done with that game.

What’s next for me?

Well, over the past 3 weeks I have been home from work right after work less than 7 days.  I’ve been hanging out with friends, social interactions, just being out there in the world living my life.

My suggestion to all of you who are sitting at home and not content with your life…


Change what you dislike.

Its a great feeling to know something awesome can rise from what seems like ashes.

Its not the destination, but the journey that is the worthier part.

So it looks like the last time I wrote in this was right before I got my most recent ex girlfriend…

Little recap of 2012 – Jan – boring, Feb – boring, March – wonderful, April – wonderful, May – wonderful, June – not bad, July – not bad, August – eh I guess, Sept – same as August, Oct – again pretty meh, Nov – devastating… Dec – fantasticle, Today – pretty good.  Now that we have the list covered I can tell you the reasons why.

January – shitty snowy cold

Feb – Moved just south of the city, so that’s not bad i guess.

March – Went to a good friends wedding – Met a girl who I said “If I could I would marry that girl tomorrow”  Got back home, talked to her some, we hit it off, ect.

April – She came to visit, it was amazing, there were fireworks, my world flipped upside down, we were in love.

May – Again she visited, same as before it was amazing – went to MI to my mother’s house to pick up a ring because I was so sure.

June – No visit, she got busy, we still talked.  Also my awesome cabriolet got totaled by some dumb broad not paying attention.

July – Same as June really.  However I did replace the cabriolet with a Porsche 944, so that’s not bad.

August – Still talked, she was more and more busy though… at this point I was kinda getting annoyed, ect.

September – Same as August.

October – She was supposed to visit on Halloween, its been close to 6 months since I’ve seen her at this point.  Also Did a whole30 paleo challenge and lost 40 pounds, I plan on getting back on this as the results were amazing.

November – All hell breaks loose.  Most of my friends know what happened, so I am only going to write a generalization of what happened here.  1) Via the bookfacey thing I noticed her and some dude being cheeky and close and his picture was of them two standing pretty close… too close to be just friends.  I confront her, she gets upset, I give her the benefit of the doubt.  Fast forward to the 23rd…  Again, bookfacey… I see she commented on something about needing a plus 1 for a turkeyday thing… she told me she was going to be alone, then I see him posting how he loves his girlfriend of two months her saying how happy he is… SHE replied saying how happy she was and that she loved him, cause you know being my friend via that thing doesn’t show me everything or anything.  Well needless to say, I don’t take kindly to that shit and I ended it right then and there, bitch didn’t even try to hide it…  2.5ish weeks later I was over it.  Thanks to some good friends support, if you’re reading this… you know who you are and you fucking rock for it.

Then in December for Christmas I ventured out of the state down to the great steel city – Pittsburgh, PA, stayed with some family of a friend and also said friend.  Met up with a few friends I know out in that area as well.  I thoroughly enjoyed my vacation.  I felt very welcome, had a grand time, and will hope to be going back at some point when its not shitty and cold.  New years eve was interesting.  I was in a sea of lesbians, so that was cool, brought in the new years, made some new friends… All in all, I consider the intro to 2013 a win.

Now on to today…  looking at the clock its 4:30 am on what is now Sunday morning.  I am here wasting time writing this because I know I haven’t done so in so long as well as I just wanted to get all my feelings and lameness down on the internet for all to see; I ponder what exactly 2013 will bring me.  But honestly… it doesn’t matter, I’ll deal with it exactly as I have in the past – and as the title states, my new philosophy on life.  Its not the destination, but the journey that is the worthier part.

I am going to finish this post off with not my usual picture, but words that you can take or leave…

Don’t make resolutions, they are dumb and are used as excuses to fail at something.  Instead, reach down deep into yourself and pull out you… If you don’t like what you see, then do not me, not the world, not anyone else, but do yourself a favor and mold it into the person you want to be.

Good night all,


This one is called “I just wrote this in jest, please don’t get mad; But damn is it funny”

So yesterday was International Woman’s Day, so talking with a friend about it… I thought I could spin a speech to both empower women and get sandwiches from it…  This is what I came up with…  Let me know what you think readers!


Woman’s Rights.

Today is the international womans day to celebrate womens right.

Many many years ago women were opressed, and forced into certain roles.

Men worked, women did the house wife thing.  Duties included: cleaning, cooking, taking care of the children.

Women every day would get up and make their husbands breakfast and lunch packed in a brown sack to take to work, children also got a brown sack lunch complete with sandwich, apple, juice, various sweets and treats and it was all in the name of motherhood.

Then world war two started, and the men were forced to war and who would be there to provide for the family?  The Mother.  The Wife.

They were then forced with a decision, to become impovershed or to take over the jobs left by the men.  Many women felt they were strong enough to take on the work force tasks.  And why not? They have been working 24 hours a day 7 days a week before this point.  So they took up the jobs, made weapons, and planes and cars for their loving husbands whiley they fought for our country.

Then the war was over… Many places wanted to kick women out of the shops and bring the men back in to continue their jobs.  The woman fought this and eventually won.  That’s right, woman now can work along side men in every type of job, hell some can even do the job better.

Now lets fast forward to present day.  Its now a woman’s perogative to go to work and make money and split the cost of living with a loved one 50/50.  Women also tend to do many things better than men, laundry, cooking, cleaning, being a parent in some cases.  So my plea is to not take the term “make me a sammich” as an insult, but rather a compliment in that we as men feel you are far superior to us in many aspects down to the simple task of making a sandwich.

So women everywhere, take up loafs of bread, slices of meat and cheese and various condiments, and show us men why you deserve, nay earned! a glorious day that the ENTIRE world celebrates and sees as the day to help concrete your spot as the headstrong sex that you all are!

Now, Go make me a sammich!! 😀

True Story

The “Now how in the hell did I not order the parts for my car” edition.

Howdy all,

This past weekend my buddy and I were going to play a little game of rip apart my car and do some fixing.  Well I’ll be damned if his oil change didn’t take forever, sure it might have been partly my fault but that’s not the point.

So while he is under his car doing his thing (cleaning up overflow oil – which is partly my fault, but that’s the ONLY thing that was my fault)  I get out my trusty box of parts.  I drive a 20 year old VW, you need a box of parts.  Wheel hubs – check, front suspension mounts – check, rear susupension mounts – check… THE ENTIRE REASON WE ARE DOING THIS CAR REPAIR – uncheck…

What the fuck?  How did I forget to order wheel bearings?  Well I’ll be damned.  Mr. So sure he has all the parts lets do this… Didn’t have all the parts.  Sigh…

So after my buddies oil change from hell, he had to take a shower to wash oil out of his hair… twice haha.  I went to bed.  The next morning after we had some food, we played forza 4 for a good bit, then got some simple green to clean the floor of alll that oil that spilled over.  All in all, everything went better than expected.

Oh p.s. I made my first real adult purchase – I bought a couch and loveseat. 😀 go me.